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Women Straps Sleeveless Back Cross Pocket Dress Overalls

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Women Straps Sleeveless Back Cross Pocket Dress Overalls

Women Straps Sleeveless Back Cross Pocket Dress Overalls

Are you looking for that casual wear you can rock while you fix some things around the home, get to see friends in a suburb, or take a walk in the garden? This exquisite women straps sleeveless back is just perfect for this and many more. Experience the liberty and comfort that it provides and enjoy the pocket dress overalls whether in the summer, winter or fall.

Get everyone talking in your next outing as you flank this simple but gorgeous overall. It’s the least favor you can do to your secret admirers. With its two straps running over your shoulder and extending to the back, it stays firm to your body and gives you the confidence to go on with your daily chores.

Make a fashion statement with any of its different colors and sizes, and feel the freshness, warmth, and originality that polyester or cotton has to offer. It’s simply not for the weak and faint-hearted. The pockets are big and suitable for collecting a number of items while on an adventure. The sleeveless overalls are mid-long and regular in thickness.

Get to choose any of its dark, grey, or black colors and feel the uniqueness that comes with staying out different. The size variants range from S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, to 5XL. As such, you are sure to get your perfect size from among these. What’s more? When you purchase this back cross pocket dress overalls from our store, you get a price slash up to eighty pounds.

What are you still waiting for? Place an order right now and become the cynosure of all eyes. You would like the attention, respect, and most importantly, the comfort it provides. You can wear it on light underwear or a very thick one. The choice is completely yours.