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Are you a crazy fashion kind of person, then this is the best outfit for your style? Then the Queen of Darkness Skirt with Lacing is an out of this world design that defines your niche at a glance. Give the famous top models a reason to be envious with this high-low skirt easy to get from the Rockabilly Skirts collection at Egg and chips clothing store, UK.

This skirt is divided into two layers at the front, with each one giving you a different fashion story. The first layer is a mini skirt with a laced waistline that gives your hip a perfect cinch. The second layer is strategically designed to show off the one leg up to the thigh for a sexy appeal. At the back, the first layer is of mid-calf length, and the second layer is attached.

Made from one hundred percent polyester material, it combines class, sleekness, and durability. This material rarely shrinks, so this skirt with lace from Queen of Darkness can be worn without ironing.
Any color of top will do justice to this skirt, but a white top would be perfect. Colorful accessories can add a little magic to your look to give a striking color balance. With this skirt, you are free to play with colors and different stylish tops. An off-shoulder top will provide you with that semi-formal look or put you in a celebration mood. A tank top or tee is also perfect for this chic skirt.

The comfortable and chic style of the The Rockabilly Clothing collection of skirts including the Queen of Darkness Skirt with Lacing can flatter anybody. So, irrespective of your height or body shape, a maxi skirt can work for you. All you need to do is find the right design and partner it with the right pieces. Thankfully, there’s help with this at Egg and chips store, UK.