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Queen of Darkness- Simple Long Skirt

Posted on June 5, 2020 in Queen of Darkness, rockabilly clothing by

Simple Long Skirt from Queen of Darkness-

The Simple Long Skirt from Queen of Darkness is a trendy maxi skirt that suits occasions from formal to casual. Never get confused about a dress to wear for what event or what time of the day. Here’s a fashionable design that combines a professional meeting look as well as a romantic outing. This classy black skirt is part of the Rockabilly Clothing collection at the Egg and Chip Store, London.
It has a body-hugging style from the waist to the knee, accentuating your hips and giving you a sexy look. The rest of the skirt is a gathered flared for ease of movement. There are a belt hoop and two little white fancy buttons on the waistline at the back and front. The buttons also occupy a strategic location at the end of the skirt.
Feel like a woman in this stylish skirt when you combine it with your fav tops. The choice of top determines the appearance you desire. The Queen of Darkness Simple Long Skirt can be combined with any fresh color of top and footwear.
The Queen of Darkness Simple Long Skirt is made of high cotton quality material and 5% Lycra for maximum comfort. It is lightweight, flowy, and aids ease of movement. Guarantees you don’t experience overheating.
There is no hassle when it comes to maintaining the fabric, as washing is easy and stress-free. What’s more, there is a guarantee of the durability of the material.
This six-piece semi-flared Simple Long Skirt is a must-have for ladies who know how to rock a fashionable skirt. Be on top of your game and get this gorgeous piece of beauty from Egg and Chips, UK.
So put those jeans and pants to rest and exhibit your sexiness with this Simple Long Skirt that emphasizes your waist and hips.