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Iron Fist Clothing – Sailor’s Delight Sequined Boyfriend Tee

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iron-fist-ladies-sailors-delight-sequined-boyfriend-tshirt-black-1005933-0-1391866115000Gorgeous Sailor’s Delight Boyfriend Tee with amazing sequins featured up and down the front, it looks so beautiful with swallows and roses. It fits like a dream with a slight stretch in it’s cotton blend fabric.


You will look super sexy in this beautiful Sailor’s Delight t-shirt dress from Iron Fist Clothing, so what are you waiting for? Don’t hang around because our stocks are low. All we can be sure of is that people will not be able to keep their eyes of you in this dress, you will be a real head turner.

Gypsy Dreams Sequined Tank

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gypsy-dreams-sequined-tankThis is one gorgeous Gypsy Dreams Sequined Tank Top Dress, it looks amazing, the artwork is fabulous and the sequins covering the whole top. It is one super sexy top and you will look like one hot lady in this as it has a fantastic shape.

The artwork on this Gypsy Dreams Sequined Tank is a tattoo style sugar skull gypsy girl with an amazing range of colours. This dress style tank is perfect for a night out, especially when combined with an awesome Iron Fist handbag.Get Iron Fist Clothing and much more at Egg and Chips Clothing

Iron Fist – Bowed Over Wallet

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bowed over walletAnother fabulous product from Iron Fist, this is the Bowed Over Wallet and it looks absolutely amazing. As you can see it has super cool detailing such as skull and bows, awesome polka dots and more. The satin bow on the front has an awesome metal skull hanging from it. This gorgeous Bowed Over Wallet goes fantastic with the Bowed Over handbag and super cute fitted dress. Either way you will love this Iron Fist wallet and it will most definitely be an amazing addition to your wardrobe this season.

Friday On My Mind – Edie Coat

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edie-coatA fabulous Edie Coat from our new favourite brand Friday On My Mind, it is one gorgeous coat. This cute coat has super cool red piping and fantastic fit.

This amazing Edie Coat will keep you warm and snug this winter, it has gorgeous detail and is a guaranteed eye catcher so don’t miss out, combine it with some tights and a sexy pair of rockabilly shoes for one hot rockabilly look. Get this and much more at Egg and Chips Clothing.


Friday On My Mind – Montana Fitted Dress

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montana-dressSuper sexy new dress from Friday On My Mind Clothing, this dress is so amazing, we love it here at Egg and Chips. This Montana Dress has amazing red polka dots and gorgeous petti coat detail.


A cute little bow can be found on the straps which is a fantastic touch, we love this brand Friday On My Mind, they have some amazing rockabilly clothes, this dress fits like a dream. You will look so sexy in this montana dress, you should combine it some super cool Rockabilly heels and your evening digs are all set.

Stockings and Romance

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Here at Egg and Chips Clothing, we absolutely love Stockings and Romance watch this video to see some of their beautiful and sexy range of retro lingerie.

Why We Love Miss Fortune

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miss-fortune-red-varsity-cardigan-backThe Miss Fortune brand started in 2005 and she has been creating punk, rockabilly, and rock and roll clothing ever since. Rockabilly dresses, skirts, tops, not to mention rockabilly cardigans and jeans, these are all available from the Miss Fortune brand and they all include unique and great looking designs that are perfect for the rockabilly and rock n roll style.


There are obvious inspirations in the Miss Fortune brand not only from the rockabilly way of life but also from the horror genre of films and books, as well as from tattoo culture. All of these elements can be found in one form or another throughout the Miss Fortune brand. You can get all this and more at Egg and Chips Clothing, the UK’s leading Alternative Clothing store.


Shake It Dress from Miss Fortune

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miss-fortune-shake-it-dressMiss Fortune dresses are among some of the most popular women’s Rockabilly clothing. The Nautical Nancy halter neck dress is super sexy with serious nautical undertones. The Shake It dress is pure rockabilly with a 50’s diner look in leopard print and perfect for the rock ‘n’ roll look that suits rockabilly and other individual styles.

Use christmasspecial on checkout for £5 off, valid until 23rd December.

miss-fortune-nautical-nancy-halter-neck-dress_nWomen’s Rockabilly Clothing doesn’t come more stylish and cool than Miss Fortune dresses. Why not treat yourself this Christmas or buy a Nautical Nancy halter dress for that special woman in your life. The Shake It Dress is another popular women’s clothing line exclusively from Miss Fortune.

Lucky 13 Rockabilly T Shirts

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lucky 13 logo

We bring you Lucky 13 Clothing at Egg and Chips Clothing, we have just in a huge selection of Lucky 13 spring/summer 2010 rockabilly t shirts and rockabilly accessories. This Lucky 13 t shirt is the Hold Fast design featuring a sexy sailor girl on the back and small Lucky 13 icon on the chest.

One thing I can tell you about Lucky 13Clothing is their rockabilly clothes fit great and go with almost anything. As you can tell by this Lucky 13 Hold Fast T Shirt their clothes look great so head on over to and check out the rest of the Lucky 13 range.

Pink Leopard Rockabilly Waistcoat

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jungle fever waistcoatDon’t miss out on this super sexy Jungle Fever Rockabilly waistcoat from the talented designers over at Iron Fist Clothing.

This Rockabilly Waistcoat fits a treat and will punk out your rockabilly clothing outfit no matter where your going! This is smart and sophisticated, yet punk rock and stylish at the same time.

Made from a gorgeous satin fabric making this nice and silky on your skin has the Iron Fist brand logo on the right hand pocket of the waistcoat. The pink leopard lining and back just shows you how creative the boys at rockabilly waistcoat today!

You can get it over at our store Egg n Chips for the bargain price of £39.95 and why not join our mailing list and grab yourself your £10 off voucher.