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Missing in Action Halterneck Dress by Banned Apparel

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Banned Apparel’s Missing in Action Halterneck Dress

Banned Apparel’s Missing in Action Halterneck Dress

It’s another show of innovation and great fashion sense at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London. We present, the delectable Missing In Action Halterneck dress designed by Banned Apparel for today’s young and fun-loving lady.

The Missing In Action Halterneck dress offers a taste of exquisite style and simplicity in this all black and white printed design. The dress’ print design depicts a beautiful human faced, and flowery concept meant to give you a calm looking disposition.

It is a sleeveless, slightly above the knee dress that is bound to call attention to your good looks and those delicate features as you get on the move!

The Halterneck line is achieved using a black fabric all round. At the base of the gown is a lace fabric carefully sewn underneath, giving it an appealing blend of black on a white and black combination.

Banned Apparel has got it all figured out with this Missing In Action dress but, well you don’t get to miss out of the action as the dress comes in a broad category of sizes from extra small to extra-large.

Tailored to your body size; it is Slim-fitted down to the waist line.  But with a free flowing skirt from the waist downwards, it helps promote that graceful curves showing off your move when on the go!

The dress’ features all combine to make the Missing In Action Halterneck dress a top notch design for the young, yuppie and bubbling girl.

No event, party, hang out with friends and more could be complete except in this masterpiece by the Banned Apparel.

Waste no time in placing your order now at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London and see your package delivered to your doorstep promptly with a 14-day money back guarantee. Please note all purchases are in line with Egg n Chips return policy.

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