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Hot as Hell Bomber by Banned Apparel

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Hot as Hell Bomber by Banned Apparel

Hot as Hell Bomber by Banned Apparel

You sure don’t want to get burnt, but you do need to feel a bit of the heat in the Hot as Hell Bomber by the Banned Apparel available at UK’s leading alternative clothing store, Egg n Chips Clothing, London.


The Hot as Hell Bomber top by the Banned Apparel is just the perfect jacket for the summer season. Banned Apparel presents you with a long sleeved waist length varsity jacket to help keep you feeling cool and set for the day’s activities.


The Hot as Hell Bomber jacket is a small neck peter pan-like collar jacket with bands around the neck, sleeves, and waistline. Banned Apparel in the Hot as Hell Bomber jacket play around with colors using white as the background and a variety of colors for each object.


With both sleeves as black, the body presents are an array of colored objects ranging from anchor to a wheel, flowers and many more objects.


The elegant choice of colors helps to call much attention to the jacket meant and for the young and smart lady. It’s a cute outfit for a casual day out, a warm evening walk with friends or that special someone.


The choice of a zip and two front pockets on the Hot as Hell Bomber jacket helps to increase the comfort and style sense of the jacket. The Black and white stripe on both sleeves, collar, and base further create a musical sensation you sure wish to have this bomber jacket in your clothing collection.


With such hi-tech fabric of 100% polyester woven, 97% cotton and 3% elastane the Hot as Hell material guarantees much durability. Regards washing experience, no worries as you can wash as often as required.


The Hot as Hell Bomber jacket is suitable for a variety of sizes from extra-small to extra-large sizes so feel free to place your order today. And enjoy Egg n Chips Clothing hospitality and speed of delivery which comes with 14-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. But remember all purchases are available at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London in line with our return policy.