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Talking about style, simplicity, and class, the men’s fishbone guitar print shirt has it all. It is a fabulous Fishbone Guitar  print design from Dead thread available in Egg and Chips, UK. 

The button-up Classic Fit Men’s shirt can be worn by itself or with a jacket, perfect for semi-formal and informal occasions. Designed in black stitching, a black button, a single pocket, and short sleeves, it gives an appealing aura. Bearing a close resemblance to the OCBD, the fishbone guitar is uniquely designed.  If a sleek, stylish, and comfortable look is your appeal or you are just passionate about making a bold statement, here’s what you need then. 

Adding this dream shirt from Dead thread to a wardrobe collection is sure to give a spice to taste. Interestingly, this shirt can be tucked or not depending on the suiting style.  Team it with raw denim, chinos, and a pair of sneakers and watch all attention go in just one direction.

Fishbone Guitar print shirt is made from high quality 100% cotton. This makes washing and maintenance an interesting experience. The casual summer piece is known for versatility and warm weather features. A comfortable vibe is what the men’s fishbone guitar print shirt offers. How the print shirt is styled is largely dependent on the season; it could be combined with a jacket during summer or a Tee during cool evenings.

Be in the good book of the fashion police always with a trendy shirt that’s designed just for you. The black color makes combining a fishbone guitar shirt with any other one a fabulous way to apt your fashion game. Consider it the glue for a wardrobe and a worthy investment too.Throw this piece of versatility into your wish list and remain the rave of the moment constantly.  Available at Egg and Chips stores, UK. Remember to read the return policy for your protection.