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The Bat Winged Collar Tie Blouse from Banned Clothing is a sleeveless top that’s perfect for any maxi skirt. It gives a beautiful flatter to your body, adding a good dose of romance and glam to your looks. This tie top gives a vintage vibe to its appearance and accentuates any body shape. You really don’t want to miss out on this, see the Rockabilly Clothing collection at Egg and Chips Clothing, London for yours. The tying of the waistline allows for a taller and slimmer appearance, giving that glamorous confidence.
The v-shaped neckline makes the blouse an ideal combo for anything. It is best with maxi, midi or miniskirts, jeans and just about any cloth for the waistline. The crop nature of the blouse and a collar and button closures are a great way to stand out from the crowd.
The Bat Winged Collar Tie Blouse helps you show off your personality and gives you a bold look. It is perfect for any time of the day to provide a head-turning and attention-grabbing look. Rav up your confidence with this design from Banned Clothing and sway as you exude confidence with every step.
With a combination of cotton and polyester, durability is guaranteed. The Bat Winged Collar Tie Blouse allows you to feel the fresh air on the arms and chest area. There is no stress as it helps prevent sweat and stickiness, leaving you feeling glam round the clock.
A timeless blouse for all season and age, the Bat Winged Tie Blouse from Banned Clothing is an epitome of a happy hour style. Interestingly, it is suitable for all body types giving elegance and a great look.
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