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Banned Apparel’s Women’s Juno Bomber

Posted on September 10, 2017 in Banned Apparel by

Egg n chips clothing, London presents this trail-blazer Women’s Juno Bomber top and jacket made by the Banned Apparel.

The Banned Apparel’s Women’s Juno Bomber top is a finely and neatly sewn jacket. It offers a thorough blend of red and black designs in front and at the rear of the clothing. It’s one play around with red and black joker designs at the chest region, a blend of red and black stripe around the collar, sleeve, wrist, and waistline.

The choice of red and black helps to create a form of musicality and warmness to the looks of the Women’s Juno Bomber jacket. It’s a true bombshell waiting to explode in the faces of onlookers, making you the heart of attraction.

The Juno jacket is carefully structured with a front zip to help earn a proper-fitting blazer. And an excellent sewing pattern from the front to the rear all to give it the touch of class and style.

There are several reasons for which the Women’s Juno Bomber jacket is a must have for a chilly and breezy night out or during the colder seasons of the year. Some of it includes the well-strewn turtle-like neckline and the slim-fitting long-sleeve. The tight wristband further helps create warmth and comfort.

The jacket is composition includes 100% polyester fabric of the highest grade guaranteeing durability and simplicity of washing with fade-out or wearing out fast!

In all, the Women’s Juno Jacket serves as both an excellent outfit for a social outing and as comfortable wear. It can combine easily with any shade of skirt or pant to bring out its beauty even more.

Right away, the Women’s Juno Bomber jacket by Banned Apparel is available for purchase now at the Egg n chips company, London for immediate despatch and delivery to your doorstep.

All purchase comes with a 14-day money back guarantee but in line with Egg n Chips, London return policy.