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Banned Apparel’s Last Minute Top

Posted on September 3, 2017 in Banned Apparel by

Yeah, you heard right, Last minute top! Like always the Banned Apparel’s clothing available at the Egg n chips clothing, London is always got you covered. And this time it is the Banned Apparel’s Last Minute top carefully designed for the young, stylish and classy lady with the eyes for quality prints.

The Last Minute Top eliminates the need to worry about what to wear when in a hurriedly get into a top, and off you go! It comes quite easy to wear but offer great value and design.

The Last Minute top is a slim-fitted waistline top carefully designed to bring out your curves and body shape without leaving out any intricacy.

One thing that stands this top out is the lovely and intricately designed Octopus, the boat and sea prints all in front giving it an elegant look, something for everyone to see.

The top also present a rounded neckline combined with an all-black short sleeve on an entirely white background top. The rear of the shirt displays the unexpected; a slim-fitted plain white top, putting the focus on you and not any imprint this time.

The top comes in several sizes from small to extra-large making it a perfect match for your body structure. It’s a top suitable for you casual events or a casual day at work.

The Last Minute top by Banned Apparel is made from high-quality fabric of 95% Viscose and 5% elastane to ensure high-grade print protection and quality. The choice of material is also a guarantee for a durable washing and wearing experience.

You can get orders delivered speedily to your doorstep when you place it now without delays. Your order comes with a 14-day money back guarantee, no hassle. It’s all in line with Egg n chips return policy. Please remember always to read our return policy for your protection.