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Banned Apparel’s Hidden Valley Dress

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Banned Apparel’s Hidden Valley Dress

Banned Apparel’s Hidden Valley Dress

It’s another explosive design and concept from a fashion crew known for exquisite tailoring to its finest standards always made for the young, bold and sassy lady. The Hidden Valley dress by Banned Apparel available at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London tailored for today’s fashion shakers.


Black clothing offers you an opportunity to not only look appealing to your audience but come out as dashing and elegant. It gives the feeling of “I got my act together, ” and that’s what the Hidden Valley dress by the Banned Apparel offers.


The Hidden Valley dress is a round neck sleeveless dress with a very striking mesh design around and below the neck area as well as at the base of the skirt. The mesh design gives an unparalleled uniqueness to the gown all-round.


It comes as a free-flowing knee-length dress with a well-fitting band around the waistline to help display your curves and give some sturdiness to the clothing. The Hidden Valley dress is best suitable for your evening outings and social events, dinner and other parties with friends and loved ones.


The ensure durability the dress comprises of 97% cotton and 3% elastane material to guarantee a high-quality prints appearance always and long-lasting washing experience.


The entire design and feel of the Hidden Valley dress will surely stand you out in the crowd as being trendy with a great fashion sense and taste. See what a healthy dose of black clothing can do to you?


It comes in a different size range from small to extra-large, so we sure got you in perspective at the Banned Apparel.


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