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Egg and Chips Clothing, London presents this exquisite handbag from Banned Apparel. 

 Banned Apparel Toucan bag is an elegant bag that diversely suits the woman of style. It offers a thorough blend of black and white stripes at the front and back giving it a simplistic appearance. The black and white choice creates a touch of class that is associated with a chic look.  The clutch hands and the sides are uniquely designed in black for a wow appearance. It also has a detachable hand, so it can double as a hand or clutch bag.

Additionally, its rear comes with a zip closure for that extra space to reach items at a snap. The bag has a beautiful Toucan bird design sitting on a tree branch at the front of the bag. Gush! The bag itself is a definition of beauty and elegance. With this artistic display of nature, be ready to steal the gaze in the faces of admirers. When teamed with just about any outfit, a perfect blend of poshness is the result. Ideally, it is a must-have, to say the least.

There are several reasons to have a Banned Apparel Toucan bag. Some of which are the clutch hand for easy carriage and its simplicity to fit just about any outfit.

The Banned Apparel classy bag is 100% PU of the highest quality with a guarantee of durability. In all, the toucan bag serves as excellent accessories for both social and formal outings.

With a combination of a pocket-friendly price and a limited number in stock, it’s an irresistible offer. Missing out on the opportunity to own this is not an option.

Right away, the Banned Apparel Toucan bag can be purchased at the Egg and Chips Company, London with immediate dispatch and delivery to your doorstep.