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Banned Apparel’s Watching the Skies Skirt

Posted on May 28, 2017 in Banned Apparel, Rockabilly Skirts by

Banned Apparel’s Watching the Skies Skirt Banned Apparel’s Watching the Skies Skirt[/caption]

If you keep watching the skies in search of something then look no further as the Banned Apparel, Watching the Skies skirt is finally here at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London.
This gorgeous Skies skirt is a must have for the young, stylish and smart looking lady as it is bound to get you noticed, boost your confidence and add a spring to your heels.
It is a mini skirt that comes in extra-large, large, medium, small and extra small sizes; so you sure know that Banned Apparel’s thinking seriously of your fit, not one size fits all.
The Watching the Skies skirt comes in a rich blend of colour including green (Green Skirt), yellow, black and peach all to give you a touch of exquisiteness, elegance and class that puts you in a 5-star rating.
It is a top-notch designed fabric guaranteed to last for a long time coming. Its print quality is bound to remain intact without fading after several washes. With the material been made from 97% cotton and 3% elastane woven, the Banned Apparel’s Watching the Skies skirt is durable and provides warmth anytime, making you comfortable on the go!
The design provides a well-fitted waistline with a waistband in place, while the entire length down to before the knee is left flying. The Skies skirt flies loose beyond the waist to give ample space for free and smart movement, twirling with a spring to your heel when with friends or at social functions.
Order now the Watching the Skies skirt by Banned Apparel with ease from Egg n Chips Clothing, London and what you get is a well packaged and shipped product that puts you in a class with taste and comfort.
Every purchase comes with a 14 day Money Back Guarantee in line with Egg n Chips return policy.

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​Lace Back Dress by Jawbreaker

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Cool colours come with a touch of nobility, class, seriousness and style. It stands you out in a crowd as it’s a perfect combination with your skin colour be you light or dark complexioned. That’s what Jawbreaker offers you; all in a single piece; the Jawbreaker’s Lace Black Dress, available at the Eggs n Chips Company, London.

The Jawbreaker’s lace black dress promotes beauty and sensuality. It is an utterly charming black gown with a combination of lace at the rear; adding more appeal and uniqueness of its own.
This black lace dress with a swing skirt particularly is perfect attire for your special events, weddings, anniversary, religious gathering, party or dinner with that special someone.
Jawbreaker’s Lace Black Gown comes in a lovely black colour and slightly at knee level. It carries a fitted torso with a swing skirt to add more to your spring as you walk. You could never have been surer of your steps and confidence before the black lace dress by Jawbreaker.
This mid-length black lace dress, made from 95% polyester and 5% elastane, is a perfect wear for the summer season giving you warmth while promoting your feminism. 
The quality of fabric offers you are long-lasting wear for quite a long time coming. It stands no chance of fading out after several washes as its quite friendly to detergent and machine wash.
No worries about your size as the Jaw Breaker’s Lace Black dress come in different sizes with a comfortable stretch. So irrespective of your stature, you are guaranteed a place in this beautiful lace black dress available at the Eggs n Chips Company, London.

Conveniently place your order now and get this lovely black lace dress packaged and delivered to your destination with a 14 day Money Back Guarantee in line with Egg n Chips return policy.

Banned Apparel’s Hot as Hell Dress

Posted on May 21, 2017 in Banned Apparel, rockabilly dress, rockabilly dresses by

Banned Apparel’s Hot as Hell Dress Banned Apparel’s Hot as Hell Dress[/caption]

It’s as good as it sounds; the Banned Apparel’s Hot as Hell Dress is truly an eye-popping piece. From every sense of the word, this Hot as Hell Dress puts the spotlight on you anywhere and anytime.
From the stable of Banned Apparel but available at the Egg n Chips Clothing; comes this well thought of and beautifully crafted flower print designed mini-dress for the classy, sassy and yuppie girl! It sure gives the onlooker so much to look out for in one single piece of attire.
The Hot as Hell Dress displays a blend of lovely colours on a white attire which helps to accentuate your looks and the beauty of the apparel.
It’s a sleeveless gown with a black band around the neck, the two waste-line front side pockets, and the shoulder strap.  The well-tailored shoulder strap also comes in black to spice up the dress. It is a spaghetti-styled dress with a sweetheart neckline, to keep you looking stunning and charming every time for that date,  party or social event.
This mini dress styled attire keeps you feeling fly as it is tailored to fit your body shape from the shoulders to the waistline. From the waistline downwards, it spreads out; adding a swing to your movement when on the go.
It’s a durable masterpiece with flowery prints that do not fade out after several washes. The fabric is made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane woven that makes it durable, Nice-feeling texture and warmth always.
The Hot as Hell Dress is a must for today’s girl as whatever your body size, Banned Apparel’s got you covered with its wide range of sizes and ease of purchase at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London.
Egg n Chips offer you this delectable dress at affordable prices and can deliver to your doorstep based on its return policy and with a Money Back Guarantee. So what are you waiting for, let’s get shipping!

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Juno Trousers by Banned Apparel

Posted on May 15, 2017 in Banned Apparel, Rockabilly Trousers by

Juno Trousers by Banned Apparel

Juno Trousers by Banned Apparel

Now it’s time to look smart, stylish and comfortable in the Banned Apparel‘s Juno Trousers designed for the today’s cheek and available at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

Banned Apparel’s Juno Trousers offers the stylish and fun-loving person this beautiful piece, standing you out of the crowd.
It comes in a full length, red and black, Joker design that speaks volumes about your love for class and exquisite designs. Banned Apparel’s choice of black and red for the Juno Trousers is conceptualised to make a statement that causes you to look cool but not loud.
It is two-sided colour blend trousers with both colours appearing in front and at the rear in a unique form that your friends can’t afford but to give you a second glance. Also, the front and back pocket and belt helps boost the colour blend while still keeping you feeling fit and fully equipped on the go.
What Egg n Chips offer is a highly rated and durable trousers made from 50% cotton, 45% polyester, and 5% elastin woven; a combination that ensures you keep wearing these lovely pants for quite a long time. The Juno Trousers‘ good quality also means that the colour does not fade out so soon; guaranteeing ample time of fun with friends.
Very comfortable and easy to fit on as it comes in various sizes and length, perfect enough to fit your shape or body structure. The fabric stretches easily to fit your body type, ensuring you do not feel out of place anytime.
A purchase of Juno Trousers at Egg n Chips is just what you need to keep you coming back for more as your orders are delivered straight to your location with a 14 day hassle-free Money Back Guarantee in line with Egg n Chips return policy.
The Banned Apparel’s Juno Trousers is well-fitted for the smart and confident.
Available now at Egg n Chips Clothing, London. Get yours now!

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​Voodoo Vixen – Women’s Nicolette Floral Swing Dress

Posted on April 26, 2017 in rockabilly clothes, rockabilly dress, rockabilly dresses, voodoo vixen by

​Voodoo Vixen - Women's Nicolette Floral Swing Dress

​Voodoo Vixen – Women’s Nicolette Floral Swing Dress

Stay on top your game always with this beautifully styled floral gown available at EggnChipsClothing.
It’s the Women’s Nicolette Floral Swing Dress designed by Voodoo Vixen to keep you looking cheeky, smart and trendy all through the summer season.
The Women’s Nicolette floral swing dress is designed in white and pink colours to add more glow to your appearance. Its lovely and sensational rose design causes you to stand out anytime, anywhere; feeling confident of yourself.
It’s a gorgeous sleeveless gown with a sweetheart neckline leaving enough space around your shoulder and neck to help play out your lovely nature. And a nice chest line button design in front to add spice to your look.
The white waste line belt helps accentuate your shape and outlook. At the same time, it gives firmness to your entire dress sense as well as adding a spring to your swing.
At the rear, the Nicollette floral swing dress is designed with an invisible zip for comfort and taste without been too obvious or pronounced. 
Made from 100% cotton fabric, mesh lining and polyester of the finest grade. You are assured of not only good looks but a durable material guaranteed not to give way or lose its splendid colour design or quality on several washes.
It comes in several sizes to suit your shape and body specs. Whenever you order the right size in view, you are sure it’s your fit without any need for adjustment.
What you get when you make a purchase is a well packed and delivered dress with a 14 days money back guarantee without issues and in line with EggnChips return policy.

The Voodoo Vixen Women’s Nicollette Floral Swing Dress adds the magical charm and smile to your day. Available for immediate purchase at the EggnchipsClothing, London.

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Voodoo Vixen – Go retro this summer!

Posted on June 15, 2015 in rockabilly clothes, rockabilly clothing, voodoo vixen by

Voodoo Vixen lead the way for elegant and edgy rockabilly clothing. This summer, they’ve treated us to a range of stunning vintage style dresses that celebrate curves and keep you looking and feeling cool in the heat.

For classic 50s rockabilly style, you can’t beat a white halter dress. Think Marilyn’s classic dress in The Seven Year Itch. The Cherry Baby 50s Halter Dress will not only give you a vintage earworm but takes the classic white halter one step further with a delicious all-over cherry print. With a full skirt and a fitted bodice, this dress will make all figures look pin-up perfect.

Gingham makes us think of one thing: picnics! These two gingham dresses are oh-so pretty and in fresh ice cream pastel shades of strawberry and mint, they’re as summery as dresses come. Gracey Peekaboo: and Chelsea:

Got a party or wedding coming up? The Joanna Birdcage vintage mini flare dress is just perfect in striking monochrome shades. The bow belt will cinch in your waist for a killer hourglass figure whilst the stunning antique birdcage print is feminine and delicate.

Every rockabilly gal loves a nautical theme. Get your fix with these two adorable shorter length sea printed sundresses. Patti: and Reese: There’s also the stunning Madlin red sailor dress: They’ll get you dancing to the beach in no time!

You can find all these and more, including a cute summer range of shorts, tops and cardigans in the Voodoo Vixen collection: Now get out there and enjoy the sun!

Emilia Tiki Head Rockabilly Cardigan

Posted on March 20, 2015 in Rockabilly Cardigans, rockabilly clothing, voodoo vixen by

We love the summer and you know Tiki Heads mean summer, Voodoo Vixen brings us a brand new range of gorgeous Hawaii inspired designs and this Emilia Tiki Cardigan is just one of these new pieces.

This cardigan fits so snug and the Hawaii inspired embroidery is pretty darn cool.

Check it out here:

Black Anchor Bag

Posted on February 6, 2015 in rockabilly accessories by

We totally adore this fabulous new Black Anchor Bag, this should be in all rockabilly bombshell’s wardrobe. The Anchor Embroidery is super cool, we love a bit of nautical.

This is one incredible rockabilly bag that looks just incredible and will go with any rockabilly outfit. To see our full range of rockabilly bags, please visit this page:

Rockabilly Black Bolero

Posted on February 6, 2015 in rockabilly clothing by

We totally adore this gorgeous new Black Bolero, it is yet another bit of oozing cool vintage style from Banned Apparel.

We think this black bolero is so stunning, it would go fantastic with a great pin up style dress, or perhaps a tattoo inspired dress?

If you’re looking for some fantastic vintage style we have it all just visit our huge range of rockabilly clothing here:

Hot New Sugar Skull and Roses Cardigan

Posted on August 18, 2014 in Rockabilly Cardigans, voodoo vixen by

sugar skull and rosesSuper stunning new Sugar Skull and Roses Cardigan by Voodoo Vixen, the perfect top to show off your curves. Combine with a pair of skinny jeans by Banned Clothing such as these Sugar Skull Skinny Jeans.

If that’s overkill then why not get a pair of plain black jeans and some rocking Hades Shoes?