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Juno Trousers by Banned Apparel

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Juno Trousers by Banned Apparel

Juno Trousers by Banned Apparel

Now it’s time to look smart, stylish and comfortable in the Banned Apparel‘s Juno Trousers designed for the today’s cheek and available at the Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

Banned Apparel’s Juno Trousers offers the stylish and fun-loving person this beautiful piece, standing you out of the crowd.
It comes in a full length, red and black, Joker design that speaks volumes about your love for class and exquisite designs. Banned Apparel’s choice of black and red for the Juno Trousers is conceptualised to make a statement that causes you to look cool but not loud.
It is two-sided colour blend trousers with both colours appearing in front and at the rear in a unique form that your friends can’t afford but to give you a second glance. Also, the front and back pocket and belt helps boost the colour blend while still keeping you feeling fit and fully equipped on the go.
What Egg n Chips offer is a highly rated and durable trousers made from 50% cotton, 45% polyester, and 5% elastin woven; a combination that ensures you keep wearing these lovely pants for quite a long time. The Juno Trousers‘ good quality also means that the colour does not fade out so soon; guaranteeing ample time of fun with friends.
Very comfortable and easy to fit on as it comes in various sizes and length, perfect enough to fit your shape or body structure. The fabric stretches easily to fit your body type, ensuring you do not feel out of place anytime.
A purchase of Juno Trousers at Egg n Chips is just what you need to keep you coming back for more as your orders are delivered straight to your location with a 14 day hassle-free Money Back Guarantee in line with Egg n Chips return policy.
The Banned Apparel’s Juno Trousers is well-fitted for the smart and confident.
Available now at Egg n Chips Clothing, London. Get yours now!

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