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Fresh Water Shirt by the Banned Apparel

Posted on January 5, 2018 in Banned Apparel, rockabilly clothes, rockabilly clothing, rockabilly shirts by

Banned Apparel is at it again! And this time it is the Fresh Water Shirt meant for the social and corporate climber only available at Egg n Chips clothing, London.

Banned Apparel understands the importance of an all-black top in your wardrobe hence we decided to go a step ahead of you to help you plan for the future.

The Fresh Water top in a black concept helps make every moment count as it can combine easily with any skirt or trouser for almost any event. With the Freshwater top it doesn’t take so much to decide what to wear for a business meeting, an important day in the office, an exclusive date with that special someone, or a night out with friends.

It is a cropped, long-sleeved, waist-length top that gives enough body room to allow some fresh air within while keeping you warm and comfortable all day long. The choice of an all-black puritan, tie neck pattern is to further accentuate the seriousness and formal nature of the freshwater shirt.

At the rear Banned Apparel introduces a slight off-cut at the neckline with a button for additional hold. The sleeves offer a mid-range flowing body hand size as well as buttons at the cuffs to give room for convenience and make you look more serious.

One other exciting news about the Fresh Water shirt is that it because it comes from 100% Polyester fabric just to guarantee a healthy material and ensure you have a durable washing experience for a long time coming.

In a Fresh Water shirt, people tend to take you more seriously. So get serious and place your order today at UK’s leading alternative clothing store, Egg n Chips, London. All orders comes with a 14-day money back guarantee in line with company’s return policy.

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