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Banned Apparel’s Great Height Skirt

Posted on December 29, 2017 in Banned Apparel, rockabilly clothes, rockabilly clothing, Rockabilly Skirts by

Now if you think you’ve attained great heights where clothing and fashion are; then wait till you put on the Great Height skirt by the Banned Apparel but sold by UK’s leading alternative clothing store, Egg n Chips, London.

The Great Height skirt truly takes you to greater heights with its amazing choice of print style, carefully crafted design and choice of fabric quality.

Banned Apparel’s Great Height skirt is a Mini dungaree or pinafore Skirt designed only for the classy, elegant and sassy lady. It’s not only a must-have but the rocker of the party, night out with friends and makes even that special someone proud of you when you step out together.

The Great Height skirt is a tartan skirt made of warm and inviting red and black patterns and draft strong enough to combine with any plain colour top to make the kill. With such a mini skirt, it’s almost impossible for you not to walk with confidence with a spring to your movement and a swing to your hips.

And because it is a dungaree or pinafore skirt and comes in multiple sizes of extra-small to extra-large it fits firm and perfectly to your body, a true fit to body size.

The waistline offers an all-black band to give grip and firmness and help accentuate your curviness. Beneath the waistline downwards the skirt goes wild in a fled concept helping to give you the confidence you need while allowing fresh skin displays.

Thinking about quality fabric? Then, it’s got to be the Great Height skirt, made from 95% Polyester and 5% elastane, the skirt offers such excellent quality print and fabric it holds no chance to fade out even in the nearest future.

Your wardrobe sure won’t feel complete except with this Great Height skirt by Banned Apparel. SO hurry now and place your order today at Egg n Chips, London and experience our speed of delivery. All order entitles you to a 14-day money back guarantee in line with the company’s return policy.

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