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​Voodoo Vixen – Women’s Nicolette Floral Swing Dress

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​Voodoo Vixen - Women's Nicolette Floral Swing Dress

​Voodoo Vixen – Women’s Nicolette Floral Swing Dress

Stay on top your game always with this beautifully styled floral gown available at EggnChipsClothing.
It’s the Women’s Nicolette Floral Swing Dress designed by Voodoo Vixen to keep you looking cheeky, smart and trendy all through the summer season.
The Women’s Nicolette floral swing dress is designed in white and pink colours to add more glow to your appearance. Its lovely and sensational rose design causes you to stand out anytime, anywhere; feeling confident of yourself.
It’s a gorgeous sleeveless gown with a sweetheart neckline leaving enough space around your shoulder and neck to help play out your lovely nature. And a nice chest line button design in front to add spice to your look.
The white waste line belt helps accentuate your shape and outlook. At the same time, it gives firmness to your entire dress sense as well as adding a spring to your swing.
At the rear, the Nicollette floral swing dress is designed with an invisible zip for comfort and taste without been too obvious or pronounced. 
Made from 100% cotton fabric, mesh lining and polyester of the finest grade. You are assured of not only good looks but a durable material guaranteed not to give way or lose its splendid colour design or quality on several washes.
It comes in several sizes to suit your shape and body specs. Whenever you order the right size in view, you are sure it’s your fit without any need for adjustment.
What you get when you make a purchase is a well packed and delivered dress with a 14 days money back guarantee without issues and in line with EggnChips return policy.

The Voodoo Vixen Women’s Nicollette Floral Swing Dress adds the magical charm and smile to your day. Available for immediate purchase at the EggnchipsClothing, London.

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