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Talking about style, simplicity, and class, the men’s fishbone guitar print shirt has it all. It is a fabulous Fishbone Guitar  print design from Dead thread available in Egg and Chips, UK. 

The button-up Classic Fit Men’s shirt can be worn by itself or with a jacket, perfect for semi-formal and informal occasions. Designed in black stitching, a black button, a single pocket, and short sleeves, it gives an appealing aura. Bearing a close resemblance to the OCBD, the fishbone guitar is uniquely designed.  If a sleek, stylish, and comfortable look is your appeal or you are just passionate about making a bold statement, here’s what you need then. 

Adding this dream shirt from Dead thread to a wardrobe collection is sure to give a spice to taste. Interestingly, this shirt can be tucked or not depending on the suiting style.  Team it with raw denim, chinos, and a pair of sneakers and watch all attention go in just one direction.

Fishbone Guitar print shirt is made from high quality 100% cotton. This makes washing and maintenance an interesting experience. The casual summer piece is known for versatility and warm weather features. A comfortable vibe is what the men’s fishbone guitar print shirt offers. How the print shirt is styled is largely dependent on the season; it could be combined with a jacket during summer or a Tee during cool evenings.

Be in the good book of the fashion police always with a trendy shirt that’s designed just for you. The black color makes combining a fishbone guitar shirt with any other one a fabulous way to apt your fashion game. Consider it the glue for a wardrobe and a worthy investment too.Throw this piece of versatility into your wish list and remain the rave of the moment constantly.  Available at Egg and Chips stores, UK. Remember to read the return policy for your protection.


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The Banned Clothing women’s caviar dress from Eggs and Chip, London helps you draw all attention to yourself. Styled with a leopard detailed Peter Pan collar and raglan sleeves band, it sure is the ideal dress to update your closet staple. The red women’s caviar cocktail dress is perfect and versatile always as an informal or formal outfit. It eliminates worries about what to wear when you are in a rush. 

The Banned Clothing outfit never gives the feeling of being underdressed or overdressed. It is amazing for everyone with style and a perfect match for your body. Dress-up can never go wrong with this apparel.  Glam up the caviar cocktail dress with a pair of heels to give the perfect touch to your fashion signature.

The women’s caviar cocktail dress is a die to have for this season. It is sleek and suitable for any body type and age giving a very girly appearance. Simply put, this piece of gorgeousness from Banned Clothing accentuates the body and gives an elegant look. Its mid-calf length gives a thinner and a taller appearance for a fabulous look. Apart from a lovely set of earrings, many accessories are not necessary as the dress itself speaks elegance and sophistication.

This caviar dress ensures durable washing, maintenance, and a fantastic wearing experience. Feel good and melt hearts with your looks as you step out in class.

Stop thinking about it and act fast. Without delay, get the women’s caviar cocktail dress from Banned Apparel as limited stock is available. The dress is a must to your wardrobe collection of gorgeousness. Just go for it girl! You don’t want to miss out on this one.

All purchases attract a 14-day money-back guarantee as stipulated in the Egg and Chips, London return Policy. Endeavor to read the return policy for your protection. 


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Now here’s a perfect choice for a top. The banned clothing Doomed Romantic High Low Top is not something to miss in your collection. It is that top a girl must have in her collection. This mesh top has all the intrigues of what an ideal one suit all should be. Accentuate your romantic and feminine feature with this top available as part of the Rockabilly Clothing collection at Egg and Chips Clothing Store, UK. Forget all the myths you have heard about lace and get charming with this top.
Lacey tops are classic and always in fashion. Whether you intend to keep it low or high, you can never be wrongly dressed in one. They are perfect for daytime outing and night as well. This piece of gorgeousness from banned clothing is great with leather bottoms, jeans, booties, shots, and any of your favorite. It can serve as formal wear too with the right color of pant or skirt and shoes. They can be worn tucked into to portray that formal look or throw them on culottes. Extend your choice by taking them into the weekend with cutoffs or jeans.
The Doomed romantic high low hem top is a sleeveless transparent lacy top with a front corset. It comes in a v-shape neckline and has a touch of elegance. This chic piece has an extended length at the sides and is quite trendy for all ages. With a loose-fitting, it is an excellent choice for heavy body ladies to give a slim look. Banned Clothing romantic high low hem top is light in weight, comfortable and sexy in appearance.
This romantic hem top is a pocket-friendly piece of uniqueness and should be in every wardrobe. With maintenance, you experience no hassle, and ironing is minimal after every wash. It is 100% polyester woven and quite comfy on the skin. Go on to shop for this fantastic design at Egg and Chips store, London.



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The Bat Winged Collar Tie Blouse from Banned Clothing is a sleeveless top that’s perfect for any maxi skirt. It gives a beautiful flatter to your body, adding a good dose of romance and glam to your looks. This tie top gives a vintage vibe to its appearance and accentuates any body shape. You really don’t want to miss out on this, see the Rockabilly Clothing collection at Egg and Chips Clothing, London for yours. The tying of the waistline allows for a taller and slimmer appearance, giving that glamorous confidence.
The v-shaped neckline makes the blouse an ideal combo for anything. It is best with maxi, midi or miniskirts, jeans and just about any cloth for the waistline. The crop nature of the blouse and a collar and button closures are a great way to stand out from the crowd.
The Bat Winged Collar Tie Blouse helps you show off your personality and gives you a bold look. It is perfect for any time of the day to provide a head-turning and attention-grabbing look. Rav up your confidence with this design from Banned Clothing and sway as you exude confidence with every step.
With a combination of cotton and polyester, durability is guaranteed. The Bat Winged Collar Tie Blouse allows you to feel the fresh air on the arms and chest area. There is no stress as it helps prevent sweat and stickiness, leaving you feeling glam round the clock.
A timeless blouse for all season and age, the Bat Winged Tie Blouse from Banned Clothing is an epitome of a happy hour style. Interestingly, it is suitable for all body types giving elegance and a great look.
At a pocket-friendly price, redefine your fashion sense with the perfect black tie dress for pick-up at Egg and Chips clothing store, London.



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Are you a crazy fashion kind of person, then this is the best outfit for your style? Then the Queen of Darkness Skirt with Lacing is an out of this world design that defines your niche at a glance. Give the famous top models a reason to be envious with this high-low skirt easy to get from the Rockabilly Skirts collection at Egg and chips clothing store, UK.

This skirt is divided into two layers at the front, with each one giving you a different fashion story. The first layer is a mini skirt with a laced waistline that gives your hip a perfect cinch. The second layer is strategically designed to show off the one leg up to the thigh for a sexy appeal. At the back, the first layer is of mid-calf length, and the second layer is attached.

Made from one hundred percent polyester material, it combines class, sleekness, and durability. This material rarely shrinks, so this skirt with lace from Queen of Darkness can be worn without ironing.
Any color of top will do justice to this skirt, but a white top would be perfect. Colorful accessories can add a little magic to your look to give a striking color balance. With this skirt, you are free to play with colors and different stylish tops. An off-shoulder top will provide you with that semi-formal look or put you in a celebration mood. A tank top or tee is also perfect for this chic skirt.

The comfortable and chic style of the The Rockabilly Clothing collection of skirts including the Queen of Darkness Skirt with Lacing can flatter anybody. So, irrespective of your height or body shape, a maxi skirt can work for you. All you need to do is find the right design and partner it with the right pieces. Thankfully, there’s help with this at Egg and chips store, UK.


Queen of Darkness- Simple Long Skirt

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Simple Long Skirt from Queen of Darkness-

The Simple Long Skirt from Queen of Darkness is a trendy maxi skirt that suits occasions from formal to casual. Never get confused about a dress to wear for what event or what time of the day. Here’s a fashionable design that combines a professional meeting look as well as a romantic outing. This classy black skirt is part of the Rockabilly Clothing collection at the Egg and Chip Store, London.
It has a body-hugging style from the waist to the knee, accentuating your hips and giving you a sexy look. The rest of the skirt is a gathered flared for ease of movement. There are a belt hoop and two little white fancy buttons on the waistline at the back and front. The buttons also occupy a strategic location at the end of the skirt.
Feel like a woman in this stylish skirt when you combine it with your fav tops. The choice of top determines the appearance you desire. The Queen of Darkness Simple Long Skirt can be combined with any fresh color of top and footwear.
The Queen of Darkness Simple Long Skirt is made of high cotton quality material and 5% Lycra for maximum comfort. It is lightweight, flowy, and aids ease of movement. Guarantees you don’t experience overheating.
There is no hassle when it comes to maintaining the fabric, as washing is easy and stress-free. What’s more, there is a guarantee of the durability of the material.
This six-piece semi-flared Simple Long Skirt is a must-have for ladies who know how to rock a fashionable skirt. Be on top of your game and get this gorgeous piece of beauty from Egg and Chips, UK.
So put those jeans and pants to rest and exhibit your sexiness with this Simple Long Skirt that emphasizes your waist and hips.


Women Straps Sleeveless Back Cross Pocket Dress Overalls

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Women Straps Sleeveless Back Cross Pocket Dress Overalls

Women Straps Sleeveless Back Cross Pocket Dress Overalls

Are you looking for that casual wear you can rock while you fix some things around the home, get to see friends in a suburb, or take a walk in the garden? This exquisite women straps sleeveless back is just perfect for this and many more. Experience the liberty and comfort that it provides and enjoy the pocket dress overalls whether in the summer, winter or fall.

Get everyone talking in your next outing as you flank this simple but gorgeous overall. It’s the least favor you can do to your secret admirers. With its two straps running over your shoulder and extending to the back, it stays firm to your body and gives you the confidence to go on with your daily chores.

Make a fashion statement with any of its different colors and sizes, and feel the freshness, warmth, and originality that polyester or cotton has to offer. It’s simply not for the weak and faint-hearted. The pockets are big and suitable for collecting a number of items while on an adventure. The sleeveless overalls are mid-long and regular in thickness.

Get to choose any of its dark, grey, or black colors and feel the uniqueness that comes with staying out different. The size variants range from S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, to 5XL. As such, you are sure to get your perfect size from among these. What’s more? When you purchase this back cross pocket dress overalls from our store, you get a price slash up to eighty pounds.

What are you still waiting for? Place an order right now and become the cynosure of all eyes. You would like the attention, respect, and most importantly, the comfort it provides. You can wear it on light underwear or a very thick one. The choice is completely yours.


Vintage Women Floral Print Strand Collar Irregular Silk Dress

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Vintage Women Floral Print Strand Collar Irregular Silk Dress

Vintage Women Floral Print Strand Collar Irregular Silk Dress

Lovers of vintage women clothes, where are you? Here is a pick that you cannot resist. It is silky, sexy, gorgeous, and classy. The green color type brings out the natural beauty in you and projects your productivity to the highest heavens.

The dress pattern is floral, and it has a special way of adding beauty to the dress. Now, when you talk about women’s dress that not only guarantee comfort but also ensures flexibility, you can’t but mention this brand. The beautifully-patterned peacock on it speaks volume about the elegance of the dress.

Unleash the queen in you as step out in style rocking this vintage attire. Whether you opt for the green or red color, you are sure to spark some reactions and court the affection of your friends. The sleeve is moderately long, and it is suitable for all occasions where casual wear is appropriate.

If you are looking for female casual wear that can serve you whether, during spring, fall, or summer, this women’s floral print strand collar is one of your best bet. It has been carefully produced to fit into these seasons with your maximum comfort in mind. As a product of pure silk, you can expect a dress that is not only gorgeous but also light.

Placing an order is more than just a random purchase; you are expending your money on a good-quality material that would serve you for a couple of years. The floral pattern makes it a simple but irresistible dress you wouldn’t want to abandon. Get the experience of warmth, confidence, and beauty as you rock this evergreen women’s vintage dress.

As you may already know, every purchase here comes with a reduced price tag. Avail yourself of the opportunity of our competitive price and place an order right now. The fact remains that you won’t regret it.


Women Long Sleeve Plaid Turn-Down Collar Casual Shirt Dress

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Women Long Sleeve Plaid Turn-Down Collar Casual Shirt Dress

Women Long Sleeve Plaid Turn-Down Collar Casual Shirt Dress

Fall is around the corner and now is the time to prepare for it. Our long sleeve plaid down collar shirt dress is the perfect outdoor attire during the spring and fall seasons. Its special turn-down collar gives it a unique fit when worn. Also, its long sleeves ensure that you are adequately covered. You can roll up the sleeves a bit, and give a fashion signature in the manner you choose to wear it.

The shirts come in plaid pattern and in two colors – blue and red. However, there are different sizes ranging from medium to double extra-large to ensure that no matter your body size, you can find your best fit.

The good thing about this mid-long shirt is that it doesn’t select body size. You can be skinny and rock it big time! And even if you are a plus-sized, there is a perfect one for you. With appropriate leggings and fine shoe, you are set for that shopping or a casual date.

What’s more? The material is 100% cotton, and that means you are paying for quality. That aside, your comfort, while you put it on, is guaranteed. Iron it or not, you are great with it any time, any day.

You don’t have to worry about carrying a large weight on your body in the form of clothing; the thickness is regular and it is moderately weighted. Save up to forty-six pounds when you place your order from us.

Your wardrobe is not complete without a few of these casual turn-down shirt dresses in them. You would certainly need it for many of your outdoor unofficial gatherings. And guess what? The price is highly affordable, especially considering the quality you are getting. A trial is sure going to convince you.



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Introducing the stunning Santorini Dreams Shirt dress, it’s a midi length allowing you to show off those legs in the summer and keep cool. With a button enclosure this shirt dress is sure to look fabulous on the beach.

Banned Apparel have succeeded again with this fantastic blue shirt dress.